Thursday, December 30, 2010

Moo Moo the Cow is Stuck on the Moon - Antiqued Pewter Charm Necklace

Isnt Moo Moo adorable? =D If you luv him, you can take him home with you. =)


Monday, December 20, 2010

Artwork by Selina Fenech - Fishing For Riddles.

I love faeries & fantasy art!! Maybe that's why I'm always in a dreamy state lol! But here's one of my favorite pieces (among many many more) from one of my favorite fantasy artists: Selina Fenech. So I just wanted to share this with everyone. This painting of hers is called Fishing For Riddles. Isn't it beautiful?

Pondering life: Wouldn't it be wonderful it you held a key that can unlock all the mysteries of the universe? Like the fairy in this painting, we're always fishing for answers to life's questions & mysteries: Why do we fall in love? Is there life after death? Can faith really heal us? Or why isn't anyone following my blog? Life is a big riddle that we all must constantly try to unlock & somehow find our own answers or ways. At times it can be a difficult path to pave for ourselves because we are not fairies & do not possess magical powers. But like truckers, we all continue to flutter our way down this highway we call life. 

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

-:¦:- New Swarovski Crystal Star Drop Necklaces in My Etsy Shop -:¦:-

Give the gift of sparkly Swarovski crystal jewelry to your loves this Christmas! These beautiful Swarovski Crystal Star Drop Necklaces are simple yet elegant and classy and will never go out of style. The necklaces are all carefully handmade by me with lots of love! ♥ So far I've only listed the colors below, but there are soo many more gorgeous colors that I have not had time to make yet. BUT I will be including more variety of colors in my shop later on! Check them out in my Etsy Shop at or you can click on any of my Etsy Shop icons on the left sidebar & it'll bring you directly to my shop as well! =) 

♥ Citrus Colors 
The colors are beautifully vibrant!

♥ Lovely lavender & lilac colors 
Such calming & romantic colors.

Christmas is In the Air

Sort of resemble a postcard, huh? =D 

I was messing around with the photo editor & this was the result.  Do you like the effects? 

Not sure if I was completely conscious when I snapped this shot. I think I aimed at the wrong angle, so it's only natural to call it Reindeer Buns. But it does give a different perspective, even if it's a butt perspective. =P

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fried Burritos Anyone?

I never knew fried burritos existed & so this would be my first encounter with a sign stating they sell them. Too bad I wasn't hungry or I might've tried one even though it might not have been the healthiest of choices -but hey, what fast food is really healthy anyway (besides possibly Subway sandwiches haha?). Well, I will let you know how my tastebuds like 'em if i ever do come across one again, & let's pray that I will be hungry. *chomp chomp*  =D

I just had to crop it, enlarge it & frame it. Am I silly?

So if you ever try one before me, please do let me know how you like it (in comments section).

Funny Conspicuous Characters Across From Fried Burritos

So right across from the fried burrito stand, we seriously have a great work of art here in the form of singing kids. Not to be a mean bean laughing machine, but I really cannot understand how this piece can possibly have gone from a paper drawing (assuming that was the 1st process) & onto a large commercial building wall (I think it's some sort of building - though possibly mobile). I think my dog can draw better than that. =P  But anyways, it is a rather flashy & large advertisement attempting to lure kids of all ages into the confines of their building to sing their hearts out (karaoke place). Believe me, it almost did lure me in. Almost. But not quite. I did catch other fellow amused passer-byers sneaking some photos of these young pictorial models as well. Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. ;D No hard feelings please, Mr. flashy wall.

Sunrise or Sunset?

Everyday is a choice. So Sunrise or Sunset? =)  You decide.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Black Birdies With Weird Wha..??

What's so odd about this birdie you may ask? Well then, you'll have to look beyond the grass & unto thy.....feet!! But before I dwell deeper into this topic of smelleh proportions, I would like to point out that these birds are totally unfamiliar to me since I've never seen them around where I live - actually, I don't even think they exist around where I live. So if you encounter these birds everyday, you might not think their feet are so weird lookin'. =)

Well anyways...such oddities they are, those feet, in shape, color, & pattern! This birdie, along with all his other flock of friends ( members?) look like they are walking on flat wobbly feet made outta flimsy leaves - faaar from the looks of chicken or even duck feet (& hopefully err far from yours)! 

Their feet spread out really flat, look sort of ribbon-like, & are decorated with strange green & black scaly patterns. Each individual toe (they have 3 I think) are shaped in such an odd way that I don't even know how to describe them LoL! Furthermore, their feet also really camouflage with the grass they step on that I wonder if they might accidentally eat their own feet one day when they're starving & frantically peckin' at the grass below! (Ok, just kidding, I know animals are faar more intelligent than that! ;D. 
Too bad the camera can't really capture the true essence of their leafy feet, they actually look way better - or more surreal (shocking might I say) & weirder - in person. It was also rather hard to snap a photo of them since they move around so much; they seem to be constantly running a marathon every time I attempted to get closer to them. Lucky my camera has extreme zooming capabilities. Well, hopefully my bird feet post has entertained you somewhat, if not enlightened you to the different types of wacky lookin' feet there are out there in this universe. =)

My First Etsy Shop Sale!!! =)

I couldn't believe my eyeballs when I logged onto my Etsy Shop & realized someone had just made a purchase! What an honor & how special I feel to realize that someone else appreciates the jewelry that I have created!! The person has definitely made my day & I did include an extra special bonus gift along with the purchase! Hopefully, I will have many more sales to come!!

The customer purchased a pair of my Silver Leaf & Dew Droplet Earrings that I have made by using delicate silver toned filigree leaves & shiny little purple glass bead drops. There are more photos of these earrings in my Etsy shop if you are curious, they are a great steal! ^^ Especially for the holidays coming up!

Does FEAR hold you back?

I will begin with these words....

"Wait, wait till you know you're sure and you will wait too long, [it] will be gone..."

...nothing is ever for sure & you will never know for sure unless you do it...

....because we oftentimes do wait until it is too late to take action. And before we realize it, the very thing we have been wanting to run after will have disappeared forever.... & the dream we have always been wanting to chase simply becomes only a dream....

....& so yes, I will be BOLD TODAY!! And so should you. I will push the limits & NOT fear! I will step into the unknown. And so should you. Today. And begin my magical journey. At. This. Moment. In. Time.

I will take my leap forward today. Fear will be past tense. Come. Take my hand and join me.

<3 Thanks to Little Miss Tiara from for the inspiration as I stumbled upon her blog & saw one of her posts with these lovely quotes. =)
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