Monday, December 20, 2010

Artwork by Selina Fenech - Fishing For Riddles.

I love faeries & fantasy art!! Maybe that's why I'm always in a dreamy state lol! But here's one of my favorite pieces (among many many more) from one of my favorite fantasy artists: Selina Fenech. So I just wanted to share this with everyone. This painting of hers is called Fishing For Riddles. Isn't it beautiful?

Pondering life: Wouldn't it be wonderful it you held a key that can unlock all the mysteries of the universe? Like the fairy in this painting, we're always fishing for answers to life's questions & mysteries: Why do we fall in love? Is there life after death? Can faith really heal us? Or why isn't anyone following my blog? Life is a big riddle that we all must constantly try to unlock & somehow find our own answers or ways. At times it can be a difficult path to pave for ourselves because we are not fairies & do not possess magical powers. But like truckers, we all continue to flutter our way down this highway we call life. 

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