Sunday, December 19, 2010

-:¦:- New Swarovski Crystal Star Drop Necklaces in My Etsy Shop -:¦:-

Give the gift of sparkly Swarovski crystal jewelry to your loves this Christmas! These beautiful Swarovski Crystal Star Drop Necklaces are simple yet elegant and classy and will never go out of style. The necklaces are all carefully handmade by me with lots of love! ♥ So far I've only listed the colors below, but there are soo many more gorgeous colors that I have not had time to make yet. BUT I will be including more variety of colors in my shop later on! Check them out in my Etsy Shop at or you can click on any of my Etsy Shop icons on the left sidebar & it'll bring you directly to my shop as well! =) 

♥ Citrus Colors 
The colors are beautifully vibrant!

♥ Lovely lavender & lilac colors 
Such calming & romantic colors.

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