Friday, December 17, 2010

Black Birdies With Weird Wha..??

What's so odd about this birdie you may ask? Well then, you'll have to look beyond the grass & unto thy.....feet!! But before I dwell deeper into this topic of smelleh proportions, I would like to point out that these birds are totally unfamiliar to me since I've never seen them around where I live - actually, I don't even think they exist around where I live. So if you encounter these birds everyday, you might not think their feet are so weird lookin'. =)

Well anyways...such oddities they are, those feet, in shape, color, & pattern! This birdie, along with all his other flock of friends ( members?) look like they are walking on flat wobbly feet made outta flimsy leaves - faaar from the looks of chicken or even duck feet (& hopefully err far from yours)! 

Their feet spread out really flat, look sort of ribbon-like, & are decorated with strange green & black scaly patterns. Each individual toe (they have 3 I think) are shaped in such an odd way that I don't even know how to describe them LoL! Furthermore, their feet also really camouflage with the grass they step on that I wonder if they might accidentally eat their own feet one day when they're starving & frantically peckin' at the grass below! (Ok, just kidding, I know animals are faar more intelligent than that! ;D. 
Too bad the camera can't really capture the true essence of their leafy feet, they actually look way better - or more surreal (shocking might I say) & weirder - in person. It was also rather hard to snap a photo of them since they move around so much; they seem to be constantly running a marathon every time I attempted to get closer to them. Lucky my camera has extreme zooming capabilities. Well, hopefully my bird feet post has entertained you somewhat, if not enlightened you to the different types of wacky lookin' feet there are out there in this universe. =)

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